As we get older, men will experience aging slowly. This aging will have considerable effect on the body especially related to vital organs such as heart, lung, liver, kidney, until prostate. Aging will make the organ’s performance decrease even in healthy men the decrease will be small. In addition to the previously mentioned organs, men who are getting older or at the age of 40 usually experience hormonal changes. Testosterone

Impotence is a condition when a man’s genitals are unable to erect or have difficulty holding on to an erect position. In general, impotence is also called erectile dysfunction. Not infrequently when there are uncommon symptoms that are felt to interfere with sexual activity it is considered a symptom of impotence. Keep in mind, impotence also has temporary erectile dysfunction, because it is related to psychological factors. For example, a

For men sex is fun and want to do with her partner with passion. However, the sex that men want is not that’s all. Not just a grueling missionary or doggy style. Men also want something new and naughty done during sex. Men want to try something new and make them become more excited when going to have sex every day. To get a long penis size so that your

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